Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freethought oasis?

Freethought is thought unrestrained by traditions or established beliefs, especially when it comes to religion. Oasis provides a place where all people can come together and feel accepted — wherever they are on their journey — and be part of a non-faith-based community.

What can I expect at Oasis?

Sunday mornings bring a compassionate community of freethinking individuals together for coffee, live music and fascinating talks. Each gathering presents a different topic of discussion – usually something inspirational or motivational, about the human experience, and grounded in reason. For those who wish to continue the conversation, feel free to join us for lunch at a nearby restaurant.
Outside of weekly gatherings, we have other social activities, interest groups and volunteer opportunities.

Does Oasis have activities for children?

Yes! At Kansas City Oasis, families are very important and are integrated as such. We have a great program where children can explore science, ideas, education, and fun.

Why do Oasis communities meet on Sunday?

In our culture, the Sunday morning time slot tends to be the least scheduled portion of the week. Since our goal is to build multi-generational community, Sunday morning simply works best for most families.

What is the attire?

We wouldn’t be a freethinking community if we didn’t say anything goes! Wear whatever makes you comfortable. This is a non-judgmental environment.

How is Oasis different from Sunday Assembly?

Houston Oasis and Sunday Assembly broke new ground in organizing intentional multiple generational secular communities. Oasis shares many similarities with Sunday Assembly but our vision for achieving community is somewhat different. Sunday Assembly meets once a month, whereas we meet weekly. We have found that meeting more frequently helps us to achieve our goal of building strong secular communities. Local Oasis communities also have the freedom to decide their own programming and format.

How is Oasis different from Unitarian Universalist Association?

Although we have a lot in common with the Unitarian Universalists Association, we differ in our lack of supernaturalism and spiritualism. We love the inclusiveness of the Unitarians, but our goal is not to offer another outlet for spiritual expression. We find our inspiration in critical thinking, freedom of inquiry and in celebrating the human experience from a thoroughly secular perspective.

So, is this essentially an Atheist Church?

Being devoid of super-naturalism seems to allow the impression that this is just an “atheist church,” but are public schools just “atheist schools” since they are also without super-naturalism? No. The phrase “atheist church” is an oxymoron. Atheist implies a lack of dogma, and church implies dogma. It’s like saying our dogma is a lack of dogma, which is silly. Furthermore, agnostics, deists, and even questioning theists are members of our community, and the phrase “atheist church” neglects their presence and importance. There is no litmus test in joining with us. But again, our goal is not to provide another outlet for spiritual expression.

Is Oasis exclusively for Atheists?

Not at all. As mentioned above, we are an all-inclusive community. We cater to anyone and everyone who identifies with our Core Values. Oasis communities include people who identify as Agnostic, Humanist, Freethinker, Atheist, Skeptic, Deists, and even progressive Theists of various types. Whoever you are, if our Values resonate with you, you can feel welcome here.

Is Oasis right for me?

Only you can answer this question. Are you up for celebrating life? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you looking for an inclusive community of like-minded people? Love the freedom to think independently? Then yes! Please keep in mind that Oasis is a positive environment. So, if you’re looking to denigrate religion, or preach your favored beliefs, then this probably isn’t the place for you.