Joseph Kraft

Since 2015, Joseph Kraft has been a part of the KC Oasis community, where he found not just a group of like-minded individuals but a family of friends who shared his values and provided unwavering support during life’s various challenges. Looking for a community that valued reason, compassion, and human connection, he stumbled upon this Oasis in the midst of Kansas City.

Throughout the years, Joseph has been an enthusiastic participant in various Oasis events and activities, deepening his connection with the community and forging lasting friendships. He discovered a sense of belonging and support that extended far beyond the Sunday gatherings and regular meet-ups. In moments of personal struggle, KC Oasis was there to lend a hand.

Now, Joseph is giving back to the community that has given him so much. He believes in the power of reciprocity and the strength of community bonds. Whether it’s organizing events, providing a listening ear to those in need, or simply being a friend to others, Joseph is committed to ensuring that the Oasis community continues to flourish as a haven for those seeking a rational, compassionate, and welcoming environment.