Melissa Leytem

Melissa grew up in the Air Force and lived overseas for part of her childhood. She and her husband, Michael, a retired Army veteran currently working his master’s degree, raised three children together. They joined Oasis shortly after its inception in 2014. A few months after joining, they lost one of their children. Melissa was moved by all of the people from Oasis who showed up for her family during that time and experienced the power of a supportive community firsthand. Since then, she has been an active volunteer and community leader.

Because of her experience raising a child with multiple severe disabilities (both mental and physical), Melissa is a passionate about accessibility and creating a community that is fully inclusive. She would like to see the community continue to make improvements in this area.

Melissa has over 25 years of experience as a certified professional pet stylist and pet stylist instructor. She has owned a mobile pet grooming salon in the past and now owns and manages a pet grooming studio in Leavenworth. There are many similarities between running a small business and running a small nonprofit. Her expertise has been instrumental in helping Oasis grow and thrive over the past few years.