Julie Manning

Julie Manning (she/her) hails from Reno, Nevada. She started attending Oasis in 2015 when she was juggling a busy life as a mom of two tiny kids, a Registered Nurse at KU Hospital, a Clinical Instructor for a local Nursing School AND a Navy Nurse Corps Officer in the Navy Reserve. She realized that despite the busyness in her life, the thing missing was a meaningful community and heartfelt friendships. She found all that and so much more at KC Oasis.

Through the twists and turns of the next several years Julie’s career shifted slightly, kids got older, Julie’s marital status changed from married to single until she remarried Oasis’s own, Will Manning! Julie and Will live with their family in Shawnee, KS and enjoy dancing of all varieties in their free time together. Julie and her daughters enjoy crafting, baking, making up terrible new lyrics to beloved songs while dancing, and spending time with friends.

Julie is active in the Oasis community aiding in social planning, serving as a Sunday morning “Emcee” and doing what she can to support the Five Core Values of Oasis. She is quick with a smile and is happy to answer questions. You’ll often hear her say, “Life is short, wear glitter!”