Our Meetings

Our weekly gatherings, in-person and on Facebook Live, feature live performances by local musicians and speakers to inspire and educate.

The rest of the month you can find us out volunteering, hosting small groups, or getting together for social events. To find out more, follow us on social media and ask about the private Facebook group.


Why does Kansas City Oasis meet on Sunday?

In our culture, the Sunday morning time slot tends to be the least scheduled portion of the week. Since our goal is to build multigerational community, Sunday morning simply works best for most families.

What is the attire?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. This is a nonjudgmental environment.

How is Kansas City Oasis different from Unitarian Universalists?

Although Kansas City Oasis has a lot in common with the Unitarian Universalists, we differ in our lack of emphasis on God and the supernatural. While we love the inclusiveness of the Unitarians, the goal is not to offer another outlet for spiritual expression. At Kansas City Oasis, we find our inspiration in critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and in celebrating the human experience from a thoroughly secular perspective.

Is Kansas City Oasis exclusively for Atheists?

Not at all. We are an inclusive community. We accept anyone who identifies with our Core Values. Whomever you are, if our Core Values resonate with you, you can feel welcome here.

How can I best keep up with Oasis events?

Events are posted on Facebook, Meetup, and on the Upcoming Events page.

We strive to be open for all to come as they are. In order to maintain Oasis as an accepting space, we ask all members to abide by a code of conduct when at Oasis-sponsored events.