Julie Samuel-Lamberd

Julie Samuel-Lamberd has been a member of Kansas City Oasis since early 2016. Julie manages the facilities and administration for a software company in the education sector. Her responsibilities include writing policies and procedures, event planning and building office culture. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Missouri – Kansas City with a focus on enterprise management. Before joining her current company, she held the position of administrative officer for the Cancer Biology department at University of Kansas Medical Center, and was responsible for budgeting and use of state, grant and foundation funding.
Julie is a native of Washington state, but loves her adopted home of Kansas City, where she lives with her son Joseph and two fur persons, Mister and Mister Baby. Julie loves to travel, get dirty in her garden and wander around in the woods. She has a passion for community outreach and charitable giving, and has served as volunteer events coordinator for KC Oasis and for a program she created at her workplace. In addition to her continuing efforts in support of our values of “human hands solve human problems” and “meaning comes from making a difference,” she would like to work toward encouraging more diversity and inclusion that fully reflects our society.