Sara Geelan

Sara began attending Oasis events after reading about it in the KC Star in 2015. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in criminal justice administration. She has been employed at Missouri Probation and Parole for 25 years, working as an officer supervising a variety of caseloads, including a violent offender caseload and several infamous cases, in the Greater Kansas City metro area, Independence, and Belton. She currently supervises seven to 12 probation/parole officers in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sara’s interests include reading, especially historical fiction, traveling, performing arts and festivals. Her father was a chef and she grew up in a kitchen, so she’s also a foodie. She mentors children through the school district, and since joining Oasis has become more involved in community service activities.

Sara was not brought up with formal religion and therefore did not experience “community” until pledging a sorority in college. Now, as a part of Oasis, she realizes this was missing in her life. She looks forward to bringing her communication, planning and problem-solving skills to the Oasis board. She thinks that Oasis is an amazing organization, with the potential to do great things for members and the communities encompassing them.