Guest Post by Helen Stringer: Building a Community Inclusive of Atheists

Helen Stringer was invited to write a guest post for JT Eberhard’s blog on the importance of building a community inclusive of (but not exclusive to) atheists:

It’s 9:30am on Sunday morning. Not only am I notsleeping-in, I’m 20 minutes from home setting up an event space in mid-town Kansas City: lining up chairs, setting up tables, coordinating a PA system, tuning up PowerPoint, etc. Am I crazy? One of my favorite benefits in being secular is that on Sunday I don’t have to be anywhere. Yet here I am essentially working…on a Sunday…without pay, and I love it.

Kansas City Oasis is an alternative to faith-based communities. We meet weekly, feature live music performances and guest speakers, and basically build relationships. The secular community at large is like a box of crayons scattered about, lots of great people but mostly separated from each other. We want to bring them together so we can do something beautiful: build relationships, impact our community, and empower one-another.

You can read the whole post here: