TIME Features KC Affiliate Houston Oasis

TIME Magazine is doing a feature about non-faith-based communities building the in the midwest, focusing on our affiliate, Houston Oasis. We even get a mention!

On a clear, Sunny July morning, as churchgoers all around Houston take to their pews, dozens of nonbelievers are finding seats inside a meeting room in a corporate conference center on the city’s west side to listen to a sermon about losing faith. But first there’s the weekly “community moment”–remarks on a chosen topic delivered by the group’s executive director, this time focused on how we’re hardwired to read sensationalized news–as well as announcements about an upcoming secular summer camp. In between, a musician sings softly of Albert Einstein.

The men speaking before the assembled gathering–executive director Mike Aus, who regularly leads the group, and Jerry DeWitt, a visitor who heads a similar gathering in Louisiana–are both deeply familiar with the idea of Sunday ritual.

You can read the full article if you have a TIME account here or buy a copy of the August 4, 2014 issue of TIME magazine.